Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph

1920 1080 *PRADT

2012 | Rich Moore

When the Arcades closes at night, the video-game characters come to live and can travel around to other games through Game Center. The film depicts a villain character, Wreck-It Ralph who has been working the same role for 30 years. He does not want to be the villain anymore, he wants to be a hero.

To prove himself, he decides to leave his game and enters Hero’s Duty in order to obtain a medal. But things do not go easy as he thinks it would be. If he does not return to his game in time, his game will be unplugged, and everything will be lost.

This film is absolutely entertaining. Lots of charming characters. The story is quite gripping with a twist at the end. If you grew up with video games, Wreck-It Ralph is a must-watch. I hope there will be a sequel, I just cannot get enough of it. Bring me more!

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  • สร้อย 2013.05.29 at 17:59

    เป็นหนัง animation 3D ที่ตอนใกล้จบผมชอบมากเลย [lol]

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