where the wild things are

where the wild things are

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the adaptation of maurice sendak’s 1963 children’s picture book of the same name, telling the story of a young boy named ‘max’ who runs away from home and sets sail to an unknown island inhabited by creatures know as the wild things. are they real or they are just living in his imagination?

“where the wild things are” features brilliant script, amazingly beautiful cinematography, and incredibly wonderful soundtrack. it is sublime, truly. visualization is such a feast to the eyes. this is an oustanding film for children. unfortunately thai children are probably gonna miss watching it, how tragic.

★★★★★ acting
★★★★★ actors/casting
★★★★★ story
★★★★★ music/sound effect
★★★★★ direction/composition
★★★★★ overall

movie: where the wild things are | director: spike jonze | release: 2009

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