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Wallop, a spinout company from Microsoft, redefines the popular social networking space by introducing a new social experience that integrates self expression with exclusivity, a revolutionary new business model, and solutions to the problems nagging today’s social networks. (wallopcorp.com)

a few days ago, i got an invitation from a friend of mine to a social network called “wallop.” from my point of view, wallop just another social networking like hi5 or myspace. but wallop is created in flash application with visually nice interface and that makes it look pretty cool.

the network screen looks wonderful. once i send invitation to my friends, they become a part of my network automatically. i can also create group then drag&drop people into group or manage people such as remove, send private message, or view activity.


  • impressive user’s interface, very easy to use and can be addictive.
  • drag&drop feature is such fun, especially when you write blog. you can arrage the text, audio and photos anyway you like.
  • various style of themes to use, you can also upload you own photo to use as background.
  • interesting mods feature, which you can get to enhance your space from mod shop. some of them you have to purchase, and there are lots of mods to choose.


  • there’s no instruction on file size limit.
  • sometimes i’ve got error message while uploading file and there’s no explaination for it.
  • public url is hidden under preference. it took me a while just to find it.
  • unregistered users can view your blog via your public url but they can’t listen to music, view photos or make comments.
  • might not be suitable for narrow-bandwidth users, because they won’t be able to listen to music smoothly.

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