view from mars

view from mars

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check out this amazing view, everest – mars :D the view is from the summit of “Husband Hill.” the husband hill is a plateau about 100 meters (300 feet) above the gusev crater. you’ll need quicktime and above-average internet speed for this 1.66mb almost-fullscreen panorama image. (

  • I have a question : who on earth name the place “husband hill”? Is there a reason behind this? [hihi]

  • “husband hill” is one of the columbia hills in gusev crater, mars. it was named in honor of “rick d. husband”, an astronaut and commander of the space shuttle columbia. i don’t know who first suggested the name though [itongue]

  • Are there aliens or living things on mars deep under the surface????[tongue][tongue][tongue]

  • So, there is actually a person named “husband” afterall. Case closed! [ismile]

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