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V (season 1) ★★★★☆
V is a sci-fi series, the re-imagining of 1983 miniseries the same name. with 29 gigantic spaceships floating over major cities around the globe. V leader “Anna” claims to come in peace and requests only a small amount of the earth resources. And in return, they will share their advanced technology and medical knowledge. However a small group of human is in doubt for the real motives of V, or so called ‘The Visitors’.

Later they find out that this is not the visitors’ first time arriving planet earth, they have been here for decades without anyone knowing. And some of the visitors have turned against their own kind after living with human and developing human emotions, they call themselves ‘The Fifth Column’. Although most of human population have begun to favor the visitors for their superior medical care which can cure every disease and injury.

This pilot episode of V is extremely good, the arrival of V is so powerful and captivating. some of the CG scenes look kinda cheesy but overall it is still looking good. The first season of v consists of 12 episode only. and I have to admit that they story gets real exciting after episode 8. see it for yourself!

We are of peace, always.