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just ditched natsulion and twinkle
twitterfon currently is my most favorite twitter client on iphone.

twitterfon is simple, fast, and quite stable on gprs/edge.
it features four significant tabs; friends timeline tab where i can view all tweets from my friends and me, replies tabs where it displays all replies to me, direct messages tab which shows all direct messages (in conversion view!). and the last tab is called ‘search’ which i can search for specific keyword in tweets.
its user interface is simple and very user-friendly.

by clicking on user’s avatar it will automatically insert @user to reply to particular user.
to send reply to many users, just hit close and click the next avatar.

by clicking on the arrow it will display user’s tweet and gives several options to select whether to reply, to send direct messages, to retweet, to view user’s timeline or view user’s profile

the smart blue round button with arrow appears when there’s at least one @user or one link is in the tweet.
in case there’s only one @user, it will display that user’s timeline.
in case there’s only one link (url) it will display the link with browser embed within the application itself which features button to tweet the url or popout the link with safari.
in case there’re multiple users and links, it will display all the possible options as listing instead.

twitterfon integrates twitpic, photo can be shot or selected from the the existing ones then upload to twitpic, fetch the url and send tweet instantly.

user can delete own tweets quickly and can also mark favorite tweet as well, however there’s no option to view ‘favorite tweets’ yet. it doesn’t matter to me though, it might or might not be implemented in next release.

so far, twitterfon is the best twitter client for iphone i have ever used.
you can visit twitterfon for more information.
or go download it directly from app store, twitterfon is free!
twitterfon is a project by kazuho okui, the creator of twitterfox.


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