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true urban

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true urban at siam paragon is really cool. unlike any other true shops you’ve ever seen around bangkok, true urban is much more stylish with black tones and many hip stuff. my first impression is the massives-size flipdot display located at the front. that’s just brilliant and very eye-catchy. when the dots are flipping, they produce very nice sound effect.

the shop are devided into three zones; on the right, there’s an internet corner, a small counter displaying cds (most of them are not mainstream music) and at the far back, there’s a really nice wodden shelve filled with lots of books. in the middle; cellphones, audio accessories including ipod are on display. (they ain’t cheap, of course) you also can pull out the display drawers and touch the products by yourself. (sorry for poor quality photos, they’re from my antique se-k700. they don’t allow taking photograps in their shop.. yea… like i care.)

on the left is a coffee shop where your can buy coffee or softdrink, if you’d like. they have a huge projector to project underwater creatures on the wall. the interesting part is, there’re ipod docks mounted to the coffee tables! yea, cool!

not just they allow you to recharge your ipod, you can actually listen to your favorite tunes in your personal space. above the chairs there are something hanging from the ceiling which look just like lambs, but they are not, they are in fact speakers called “soundtube“. once i plugged my ipod into the dock and hit play, the music began almost instantly. the sound quality was not very good, though it was a “wow” experience.

the soundtube projects the sound into the center only and create a private space for music listening, the sound starts to fade when the user moves away from its center. if it’s not very expensive, i’d like to get one. (it does look very expensive!)

  • มูฟๆ 2006.02.13 at 13:53

    มาใช้ ออเร้นจ์ เอ้ย ทรูมูฟ สิ
    ของไทย ส่งเสริมไทย
    ไม่ใช่ของนอก เทเลนอร์ หรือเทมาเซก ฮ่าๆๆๆ

  • Well, every single shop in Siam Paragon has its own specialty. [ooo]

  • ไฮโซมาก แต่คนๆนั้นก็ยังถือหุ้นทรูมูฟอยู่ดี คนเดียวกับที่ถือหุ้นแอมเปิ้ลริชอ่ะ

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