Trey Day (Trey Songz)

Trey Day (Trey Songz)

150 150 *PRADT

and I wanna erase, but I can’t stop seein’ your face
and every girl i try to replace you with
why can’t I get over it? simply ’cause i can’t…


trey day | trey songz (2007) ★★★☆☆
trey day is the second studio album by american singer/songwriter trey songz. the album is filled with typical r&b/hip-hop songs, his voice is good but unfortunately there’s nothing distinctive enough to be memorable. however there are three songs that i really like in this album; last time, can’t help but wait, and missin’ you.

i am looking forward for his new album titled “ready” which is scheduled to release in august 2009, hopefully it would surpass this album.