transfer completed

transfer completed

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ah… finally my site is up and running again. the hosting that i’m currently using is about to expire in the next few months. and i’m not planning to renew it because signing up for a new plan is a bit cheaper than extending the current plan.

however, there were some problems occurred during the transfer. this domain was not a primary domain, it used domain pointer to locate a directory within a server. to make it a primary domain, i had to set dns zone files to point to a new ip address then went into the old account and delete its domain pointer. after that i had to send a message to technical support asking them to recreate new dns zone file since the existing on was destroyed when i hit delete domain pointer. phew! and then i waited a few hours for dns updates.

it wouldn’t be this complicate, if i signed up for a new hosting company. but i like the hosting that i’m using and their support is also quite good, so i have no plan moving somewhere else.

oh, and there’s hot news for me this evening when my friend told me that ICANN issued a formal notice of termination of’s Registration Accreditation Agreement!

damn, i have a few domains in registerfly’s account. i think i’d better go and get ready to transfer my domains somewhere else.

registering a domain at registerfly is not quite cheap, as there’re several registrars out there which you can register a domain at lower price. but i like registerfly’s control panel, it’s very clean and easy to use. comparing to the complexity of godaddy’s panel, registerfly is like a joy.

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  • OK! That was a bit too technical for me, but i think i finally understood why your page was down for the last two days!
    Welcome back! :-)) And boy am i glad! I can now stop wondering what happened to you!! :-)) *Big Grin*
    -From a big fan of your site

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