Track 8

Track 8

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Track 8 is another alternate music player on iOS. It is the third iPad music player app to support scrobbling (Before this, only OnCue and Groove support scrobbling)

The first screen is called Home which displays History and Most Played. As you may notice, the interface is reminding us of Windows 8 Grid.

The Album tab gives you images of album covers lining in grid without any text to distract you from the beauty of cover graphic. If you do not have the album covers, then you are doomed.

Album Overview looks clean and beautiful. The song titles are large enough to ensure that you would touch the right place to start playing the track.

Full-screen player is also showing track listing with currently-playing song title on the top. This screen also gives option to tweet, shuffle, and repeat.

Artists tab displays album cover by artist alphabetically. If an artist has more than one album, the image will flip to show the rest of the album covers.

Inside artist who has more than will album, the covers will line up like this. I do not know what method the creator was used to display this, it is definitely not in alphabetically nor chronologically order.

In settings, user is given two options whether they like dark of light background, along with several color options for accent (The alphabet)

13 wallpapers to choose from. (I hope there will be option to use wallpapers from Camera Roll in the future update)

Artist Images is the option which allows the app to download currently playing artist’s image to fill up the background automatically (Internet connection is required). Although this option will override Wallpaper option above.

Track 8 does not come with a lot of features comparing to OnCue and Groove. But the beautiful user interface does bring a feast to the eyes, it makes you want to put your iPad on the desk and set Auto-Lock to Never. Clearly it does look better than default music app with support.

There is still room for improvement, for instance; Album Overview should include year of release, Album covers inside Artist should be displayed in chronological order with year of release, ability to pin favorite albums, or perhaps a section for newly added albums on Home tab.

Track 8 is a universal application (works on both iPad and iPhone), developed by Ender Labs. Track 8 is currently on sale at $0.99 on iTunes App Store.

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