Total Recall

Total Recall

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2012 | Len Wiseman

Its amazing trailer gave me high anticipation of the film, despite of the fact that it was directed by Underworld’s director Len Wiseman, ew.

Total Recall is a remake loosely based on the 1990 film of the same name which is also loosely based on the Philip K. Dick story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.” Can you begin to imagine how loosely this movie would be?

The cinematography on the design of the futuristic world is flawlessly sublime. Action sequences are brilliant. But after twenty minutes, the excitements are all gone. Even with my favorite performers Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel who, in my opinion, are far better than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rachel Ticotin still cannot help the film with poor story telling and weak plot.

Lori in this version is looking great (portrayed by Kate Beckinsale), she does not die easily like the original, I guess it is an advantage when you are director’s wife. Yes, there were moments I thought was watching Underworld of Total Recall, and Kate Beckinsale cannot die because she is immortal.

The film just lacks of surprises and wow factors. I remember when I first saw Kuato in the original version, I was thrilled! But in this remake, none. The most surprising thing in Total Recall is Ethan Hawke is in it, I just read full credits in IMDb and I was like WTF, where?!!

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  • Ethan เล่นเป็น Doug Quaid ก่อนถูกลบความทรงจำและถูกเปลี่ยนใบหน้า (!?) แต่ในหนังถูกตัดออกไปฮะ

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