the x-files: i want to believe

the x-files: i want to believe

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it tells the story, six years after the events of the x-files series finale, dana scully is now a staff in a catholic hospital treating a young boy who’s suffering for sandhoff disease. one day, an fbi agent arrives to ask for scully’s help to contact fox mulder (a former head of x-files division who’s now a fugitive).

they believe that mulder can help them locate and save a life of a missing agent who has been abducted the night before. fbi have only one lead, father joseph, a priest who claims god is sending him visions of the victims. mulder wants to believe the man, but scully thinks the man is another fraud, judging from his crime in the past. and time is running out while they are trying every way to find missing girls

well, the film might be interesting if it was made in some time in 90s. i guess die-hard fans of the x-files series would be happy just to watch this film in cinema. for me, it’s like they grabbed one tv episode and then adapted it into a quite long and boring big screen. i want to believe that it is fun, unfortunately it’s not.

★★★★☆ acting
★★★★☆ actors/casting
★★☆☆☆ story
★★★☆☆ music/sound effect
★★☆☆☆ direction/composition
★★☆☆☆ overall

movie: the x-files | director: chris carter | release: 2008


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