The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

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(season 1)

Well, it is an awkward time when most of my favorite series have come to their season finale. Nothing to watch, so I picked up The Walking Dead which I was not that impressed. But the series got really high rating something like six million viewers for its first season.

The first season revolves upon Sheriff Rick Grimes After he was shot and has been in coma for God knows how long, he wakes up again in a hospital and finds the entire town appears deserted. Zombies, The Undead, or what they call in this series, Walkers roam the city. He (and a group of survivors) must find the way to Atlanta, Georgia, where the CDC is rumored to have set up a quarantined safe-zone.

The series is extremely boring. When you combine drama with zombies and post-apocalyptic world, how could it be entertaining? But if you can endure the boredom and reach the second half of the fifth episode, you will realize it is quite fun to watch. Unfortunately, the first season contains only six episodes, so the fun ends pretty quickly. My stars go to the sixth episode and the second half of the fifth episode.

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