The Voice 2: Blind Audition pt.2

The Voice 2: Blind Audition pt.2

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And the audition continues.

I have to admit that there ain’t many super voices with wow factor and personality like the first season. But it’s still looking good so far.

Maybe it’s because they showed us too many contestants that failed (No coach picked them) which is kinda depressing along with dramatic life story of the contestants (Thank God there is Fast Forward button on my remote control) Not that I’m not going to show it here anyway.

The most entertaining in the audition part is the coaches fighting over for the player at the end of the song to pick them and be on their team. By the way, Linsey Pavao did an incredible cover of Trey Songz’s Say Aah.

Adam Levine is so funny, but at this moment, Blake Shelton rules!

Adam Levine vs. Blake Shelton = Epic entertainment. Hands down.