the golden compass

the golden compass

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the golden compass is a highly anticipated film based on the novel written by philip pullman. it in fact is a trilogy called “his dark materials” and the golden compass (known as “northern lights” in the uk) is the first one to become a full-length feature film. the other two are “the subtle knife” and “the amber spyglass.”

the trilogy follows the coming of age of two main characters, lyra belacqua and will parry, as they wander through a multi-verse of parallel universes. alethiometer is a device resembling to a golden compass, which is able to reveal the answer to any question asked by the user.

as i first saw its trailer and knew that the ensemble cast includes my favorite actresses, nicole kidman and eva green… i just can’t hardly wait to see the film!

p.s. check out the official website, answer 20 questions to see if your personality matches with a dæmon(1). mine is thedra. once you find your dæmon, you can get the embed code to put your dæmon on your blog or site.

(1) a dæmon is a physical manifestation of the soul of a conscious person. many characteristics of a dæmon match the concepts from other cultures or psychology. a person’s dæmon is usually of the opposite sex to its human, and so can be seen as an external expression of the jungian concept of the anima or animus. however, in some cases it may be the same sex as the person. (wiki)

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    อ่า หมีน่ารักดีนะครับ :D :D
    ความจริงชื่อ northern lights ก็ใช้กันใน USA

    >>>> Northern Lights Illustrations

  • I’ve got a chance to see the trailor as well and only seeing Nicole Kidman, I want to watch this movie!

    I went there (that site) and played the game, the result is that my daemon is Chimpanzee!

    Not cool as yours…-_- [roll]

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