harry potter and the deathly hallows novel

harry potter and the deathly hallows novel

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the end is near…
potter’s fans around the globe are waiting for the final installment of harry potter series titled “harry potter and the deathly hallows” which is scheduled to release on july 21, 2007 (only four days to go). but it looks like there is someone out there who keeps holding an early copy of the book before the actual date of release. i have no idea if it was real or not… thirty-six chapters plus one epilogue called “nineteen years later”

this is no pdf or any kind of soft format. every page of the entire book was photographed manually and now leaking on bittorrent. i didn’t download it though i have seen some of the pages and they do look real to me. (i managed to create the image above from the original photograph of the first page of chapter one)

  • No, I tried very hard not to take a glimpse or even read your post above.

    I am waiting for the book to release on 21 July and will try to finish it as soon as possible to avoid any spoilers. May be I have to shut myself from the net for a while before I finish Book 7.

  • PDF version ….. มาแล้วนา

  • Hello Wat!
    Long time no see! :-)) Is that for real? my god! I would be probably one of those idiots to download it and spoil the fun for myself, although I already have a pre-ordered copy of the book, paid for with Amazon.co.jp. So thank God I am on vacation right now in europe and the internet connection sucks!! So slow!! Forget about being able to download anything! And besides, since this is the office computer, i cannot, have not, should not and shall not install bit torrent on it. *lol* so i am removed from temptation. hee hee!

    By the time i do reach back home in japan, my book will be waiting for me there. Hurray! ;-))

    Greetings form geneva. hot and really hot. but thank god it lacks the humidity of the Tokyo summer.

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