The Big Bang Theory (season 2)

The Big Bang Theory (season 2)

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The Big Bang Theory (season 2) ★★★★☆
the season two of the big bang theory is better, longer, and more amusing!
each character in the series keeps developing their attributes as sheldon has become more and more obsessive, leonard and penny’s relationship has transformed into friendship. howard is pretty much the same, while rajesh has improved a bit but he still can’t talk to beautiful female without having alcohol.

there are so many extremely hilarious scenes in season two! the big bang theory is highly recommended for those who love comedy series. the season three is scheduled to broadcast on september 21, 2009.

  • That’s good news! I thought it’s disontinued and was quite sad.

  • watching SE01 and cannot stop laughing! [razz]

  • Sheldon has improved quite a lot in this season!
    I love the north pole ending, though.

  • ยังหา subthai ไม่ได้เลย Sheldon พูดเร็วซะจนเกินความสามารถในการแปล T_T

  • @pangpond
    ของไทยก็ฉายในทรูวิชั่นนะ ทุกคืนวันจันทร์

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