1920 1080 *PRADT

2012 | Seth MacFarlane

ted tells a story of a lonely boy living in 1985, he wished for his new Christmas gift, a large teddy bear to come to life and be his friend. Miraculously, his wish somehow came true. And they have become best friends ever since.

At present time, the boy named John has grown into a man. He has been in relationship with a fine woman, Lori, for four years. Lori believes that the reason that John does not take his life seriously is because ted. And there comes the time when John has to choose between his forever-best-freind ted, and the love of his life.

ted is hilariously fun to watch, it is highly entertaining (of course, not for kids). The film is full of nudity, drug, alcohol, and profanity. Mila Kunis is amazing. Shit scene is probably my most favorite scene in this film, it’s incredibly funny. At the end, it also hints for a sequel, and I hope it will have one.

ted is directed and co-written by Seth MacFarlane, who is best known as the creator of the animated sitcom Family Guy, he also gave the voice of ted.