star rating for reviews

star rating for reviews

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well, several days ago @pangpond requested this.
that page is just a static page where i put links to my review for future references in alphabetical order, never know that anyone would want a sorting by rating. so i googled around a bit to see if there’s any plug-in that can do the sorting. several plug-ins popped up but none can do exactly what i need…

then i found star rating for reviews by channel-ai, a simple plug-in for wordpress that inserts rating stars using inline tag. not just insert stars, it also can calculate the overall rating automatically based on all previous rating given within an entry.

with a little tweak, i can integrate this plug-in with my wordpress blog nicely. however to enable this plug-in within page which php execution is not allowed, another plug-in to permit php execution in entry is required. i choose exec-php to do the work.

the good thing is now i can give rating with ease, and review-movies will be updated instantly, no more adding manually (normally i would be too lazy to edit that page, sometimes i even forgot)

the bad thing is i had to go through each and every review to modify rating using new rating tag. it took me some time to edit …hundred of entries. and i cannot give rating (minus) anymore, the lowest score now is zero.

p.s. channel-ai is the creator of flv-embed that i’m currently using to embed flash video on this blog. all plug-ins used in this blog are listed on about page, in case anyone is curious.

wordpress rules!

  • nice plug-in !!! [cool]


  • Did it come from super Mario world?

  • and how about music rating :P

  • ถ้าได้ดาวเยอะๆ

    เป็น function ที่น่าสนใจครับ

  • ชอบ minus ของนายแหละ เท่สุดๆแล้ว


  • เจ๋งดี

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