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The story depicts famous genetic engineer couple who achieve splicing DNA of animals to create new hybrid animals which can be processed to retrieve material for medical research and development. As they rise in scientific fame, they want to go further by using human DNA instead of just animals. They believe this to be revolutionary.

However the pharmaceutical company that funds their research refuses to allow such experiment. The couple decides to go rogue by doing the experiment on their own. They successfully blend human DNA and create a new hybrid creature which nobody ever does. But before they realize what they have done, everything seems to be out of their control.

I love the fact about a thin line between morality and experimental breakthrough. Sarah Polly and Adrien Brody’s performance is captivating. Sarah Polly used to have the face Winona Ryde + Uman Thurman, I guess the time does fly… Now she looks like Julianne Moore.

Hands down to the hybrid creature, it looks so real. This is another great film from Vincenzo Natali, director/writer of CUBE. I just wonder how David Cronenberg would do it!

★★★★★ acting
★★★★★ actors/casting
★★★☆☆ story
★★★☆☆ music/sound effect
★★★★☆ direction/composition
★★★★☆ overall

movie: Splice | director: Vincenzo Natali | release: 2009