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Sparkles is a small cupcakery, well that’s the new word for bakery specialize in making cupcakes. Running by Thai-American from Southern California, Sophie who constantly makes various types of unique cupcake with her amazing creativity. There probably are more than 50 types by now, but not all of them are available at the same period of time.

Each cupcake is carefully crafted using selective ingredients, fresh dairy products, natural & unbleached sugar, Madagascar vanilla. No use of corn syrup, artificial flavors, margarine, palm oil, preservatives, and most importantly, no trans fat.

They also make cookies and some other bakery stuff, however cupcake is their specialty. You would never find flavors like Orange Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate, Red Velvet, that taste better anywhere else in Thailand. Unlike other cupcakes you could easily find in Bangkok area, Spakles cupcakes are rich and juicy.

If you love cupcakes, this place must not be missed at all cost.
Sparkles open daily with irregular hours from 9:00am – 7:00pm on Monday to Saturday, and 11:am – 6:00pm on Sunday. The shop is located in soi Sukhumvit 53, BTS ride to Thonglor station would be a wise idea. In case you get lost (How could that possibly be?), here is the phone number 081.136.3367. The place is quite small, most of their regular customers are takeaways. And if you leave your phone number at the shop, they will SMS you when new flavor or new product is launched.


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