1920 1080 *PRADT

2012 | Scott Derrickson

Ellison Oswalt, a once famous writer and his family move into a murdered family’s home in hope to find the fact and informative material to write his new book. Nobody in his family knows about this case.

Ellison finds a mysterious box in the attic which contains a projector and several reels of 8mm footage. Watching the films, he discovers that they are snuff movies depicting family members being killed in various ways, including the family who used to live in this house.

Ellison believes he might find evidence which will lead him to the actual killer and solve the mysterious case, then he will become famous again. What he does not know is, the box is there for a purpose.

This kind of film is not quite my favorite type in horror. It is more like jumpy ghost film which they use loud sound and frightening images to scare people with weak minds. But, the end is pretty good.