sam chuk (สามชุก)

sam chuk (สามชุก)

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nobody can deny that narcotic has been a problem in every society for a very long time. and every time something bad happens, we just point our fingers to family, friends, or unpleasant environment. then we take it for granted and do nothing because it does not directly concern us.

sam chuk (สามชุก) is a 2009 drama film based on a true story about seven teenage schoolboys who unintentionally turn to drugs. like many of the stories that we all heard of, some of them turn to drugs because they want to be able to work more to earn more money without resting, some just want to find a way to escape from their bitter reality, and some just try because all their friends are using drugs.

later their teacher finds out that they are on drugs and tries to help them out, he wants to give them another chance. although it is not an easy task, drugs ain’t the thing that people can quit as they wish. and they have to face the consequence of their actions.

sam chuk is a dramatically intense film, with good script partly based on true story. the cinematic work is beautiful. the cast and the performance is believable. however personally i think there are too many characters which i find it is difficult to follow. and the editing could have been better.

p.s.1 i believe the quote stating that ministry of culture fully supports this film on the poster probably is gonna make many people run away!
p.s.2 the novel is really good, much better and a lot more detail with only 176 pages!

★★★★☆ acting
★★★★☆ actors/casting
★★★☆☆ story
★★★★☆ music/sound effect
★★★☆☆ direction/composition
★★★☆☆ overall

movie: sam chuk (สามชุก) | director: tanit jitnukul | release: 2009


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