r.i.p. my blackberry

r.i.p. my blackberry

150 150 *pradt

my blackberry pearl just died…
it happened so quickly. i did not expect it coming.
i was deleting a contact in phonebook,
suddenly it popped up “Uncaught exception: java.lang.ClassCast Exception”

java… should die.
nobody uses java anymore.

resetting my blackberry by pulling out battery could not resurrect it from the grave.
the horrific message is still there, no function works.
i don’t know if it could be fixed by restoring system.
and i wouldn’t know because i did not bring its data cable.

may you rest in peace, my poor unfortunate blackberry pearl.

  • may be try restore only data inside?

  • Try restoring the system…
    If it doesn’t work, look for a new stable phone.
    How about iPhone?

  • Let her go.
    I agree “JAVA should die”

    It’s time to relight your LG Chocolate.

  • It’s time for iPhone [cool]

  • surround it with try {} catch .. then initiate new phone

  • just watched a TV scoop saying that people who own blackberry do feel that it is their body extensions.

    sorry to hear about what happened na.

  • And warranty expired?

  • ^
    ถ้ายังมีประกันอยู่ ส่ง cliam ไปเลยนะ แล้วเอาเครื่องไปขายทิ้งเลย

  • ayoyo, udomdog
    น่าจะยังมีอยู่นะ เพราะซื้อมาตอน june จาก ais

  • ของมันน้อยใจ เลยพังตัวเองประชด

  • แบบนี้น่าจะไปเคลมนะ ว่าแต่ว่าสุดท้ายนายก็ได้ apple product เพิ่มอีกชิ้นนะ อิอิ

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