Ringtones 02: Sound of Wall•E

Ringtones 02: Sound of Wall•E

150 150 *PRADT

Well, I know that some of you want ´em…
Below are the sound files from the animated film Wall•E
Available in mp3 for mp3-support cellphones and m4r for iphone.

brrr (mp3 | m4r)
caution (mp3 | m4r)
eve (mp3 | m4r)
eve’s gun (mp3 | m4r)
wall•e (a) (mp3 | m4r)
wall•e (b) (mp3 | m4r)
wall•e (c) (mp3 | m4r)
woah (mp3 | m4r)

fully charged (mp3 | m4r) (1)
it only takes a moment (mp3 | m4r) (2)
la vie en rose (mp3 | m4r) (3)

* Wall•E sound was designed by legendary sound engineer Ben Burtt, the creator of various brilliant sound effects from Star Wars include; The voice of R2-D2, Lightsaber, Darth Vader’s breathing. He won academy awards for sound effects editing in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982) and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989).
(1) Wall•E fully charged sound is MacIntosh OS startup sound, designed by Jim Reekes. First used on MacIntosh Quadra 700 which launched in 1991.
(2) It only takes a moment was composed by Jerry Herman, taken from the tony-winning musical “Hello, Dolly!” (1964). The song was performed by Michael Crawford & Marianne McAndrew.
(3) La vie en rose was composed by Louis Gugliemi in 1964, original French lyrics was written by Édith Piaf. The version in Wall•E is English version written by Mack David, performed by Louis Armstrong.


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