Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution

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2012 | Paul W. S. Anderson

Alice is back for the fifth time.The story follows where previous film left of. If you already forgot, the director Paul W. S. Anderson makes sure that you will not by placing the Afterlife’s last scene back at the beginning of Retribution with epic slow moooo-tion. The story depicts Alice, after she was captured by Umbrella Corporation to underwater Umbrella prime facility. She must find her way out, crushing zombies and other experimental creatures along the way.

There is nothing much to the plot, as usual. But if you are a fan, it is definitely a must to watch, very entertaining. The special effects, computer graphic, and action sequences are much better than Afterlife. The best thing? Heartbreak shot.

Retribution also brings back familiar faces that you probably miss from the first Resident Evil. Yes, Michelle Rodriguez is back too! With new interesting characters who appear for the first time, Ada Wong and Leon. And Oh, Mika Nakashima as one of the zombies (credited as J-Pop girl. LOL WTF), I wish she had more role thogh.

The director said that a sixth installment will only be made based on the success of Retribution. I believe there will definitely be the sixth film as Resident Evil: Retribution is already on the top of box office with $21 million in U.S. alone.

P.S. Make sure you do not miss the beginning of the film, because Capcom put new trailer of DmC (Yes, Dante and Devil may Cry)