Random Lockscreen Wallpaper

Random Lockscreen Wallpaper

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Just because one Lockscreen wallpaper is boring and I am too lazy to change it everyday.

» Jailbroken iPhone with SSH and WinterBoard installed.
» FTP application which can drop files into iPhone.

This is the modification of RandomLS v2 to work with iPhone 4.
If you are ready you may want to fetch the file here.

Unzip RandomLockBackground.zip and you will see LockBackground.html and private folder. SFTP to your iPhone, navigate to /private/var/stash/Themes.***/Current theme you are using, and drop files in there.

Respring your SpringBoard and you’re good to go.
The Lockscreen wallpaper will randomly change every time you unlock the phone.

* All wallpaper-images are the work of 天野喜孝 (Amano Yoshitaka).
* You can replace the images inside private/Wallpapers to suit your preference.
* You can edit LockBackground.html if you want to add more images into the array.
* To remove clock from Lockscreen, you need to install Lockscreen Clock Hide from Cydia.