Premium Rush

Premium Rush

1920 1080 *PRADT

2012 | David Koepp

The story depicts a bicycle messenger, Wilee, who gets hired specifically by Nima to deliver a package to Mr. Leung. Without knowing the content of the envelope, he is threatened by a stranger to give up the envelope. Wilee refuses to comply, he successfully escapes and heads to police station where he finds out that stranger is a police officer.

Wilee believes the content of the envelope is illegal, so he returns it. But things get more complicated when he learns the truth, and that envelope is already on its way to another address.

Well, it is an interesting film about bicycle messenger. The chase scene is amazing. Although the villain is kind of funny and somehow too weak. There is nothing really new about the plot, however it is still entertaining to watch, it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt film after all.