Pray for Japan, Act for Japan

Pray for Japan, Act for Japan

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As you all are aware of, Japan was hit by 9.0 magnitude earthquake on Friday March 11, causing overwhelming damage with blackout, fire, explosion, and terrifying tsunami. You can help donating by transferring money to Japanese Red Cross Society, or donating online via Google Crisis Response.

All the fund received will be transferred to the Distribution Committee, which is formed around the local government of the disaster-affected prefecture and to administer the distribution of fund.

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  • Atlanta Roofing 2011.03.18 at 10:29

    It is just so heartbreaking. I have recently returned home after living in Japan for a year and I agree with you about the feeling of helplessness. I wish I could go there and help them clean up or look for survivors or something. The Japanese people are resilient and generous, I have no doubts that they will be back on their feet soon.

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