please do it somewhere else

please do it somewhere else

150 150 *PRADT

please do it… somewhere else.
first saw it on sorry061’s blog.
amusing poster signs in japan’s subway… instead of telling you “not to do” they make use of comic style signs telling you to do these behaviors somewhere else, lol. these posters are part of 「○○でやろう。」 campaign which has been running since april, 2008. they will keep releasing this hilarious poster series, one for each month until march 2009. you can view the rest of posters at 東京メトロ (tokyo metro)

apr’08 / may’08 / jun’08 / jul’08 / aug’08 / sep’08

p.s. who is that ojiisan appearing in every poster? [lol]

  • ก็ดีนะ แทนที่จะห้าม แต่เปลี่ยนเป็นบอกว่าให้ไปทำที่อื่นแทน [cool]

  • ก.ค.เพิ่งไปมา

  • LOL! Having moved to Yokohama, and working there, i definitely have yet to spot these posters yet! :-)) But since i use the connecting train of the tokyo metro Nanboku, and Toei mita lines, i will keep an eye out for them.

    As always, You’re AMAZING!
    I have no idea how on earth you manage to stay abreast on all these things. And despite living in the Kanto region, I always hear about them from you first!!! LOL!

  • เออ ลุงคนข้างหลังนั้นเจ๋งดี [ismile]

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