phuket day2

phuket day2

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it was on day2 on phuket island! we had to wake up so early, around 6.10 in the morning. (there was also a wake-up call by staff at 5.45am!) then went to have some breakfast at 6.45am at ambrosia, dining restaurant in the resort. it was a breakfast buffet. and, oh they also prepared omelette for the meal too, sweet! i couldn’t finish the whole thing though, it was too early. my breakfast usually begins at 9.30am.

8.00am we got on the coach bus leading us the private pier then shifted to boat. we were supposed to be on maiton island today. the person sitting on my right is ‘pig’, my colleague from the office. (and many people on this trip kept asking if we were brothers and still studying in university… hmm…) anyway, we were off to the island.

maiton is a private island according to our guide. as you can see there’s a helicopter pad at the entrance of the island. the sea was quite beautiful, though the weather was hot like hell.

what were we supposed to be doing on this island? well, according to plan, we should be diving but the wind was blowing like crazy. so we all just sat by the pool and made this!! mwa ha ha ha ha!

next, we ate again… it was another buffet. this time i only ate grilled crabs… lots of them. wonderful and delicious. other dishes were good, but nothing could compare to these crabs. hmm…

after meal… it was time to sit back, lay eyes across the sea beyond the sky and listen to some good music. there’re a few albums which i’d like to recommend having them around when you go to the beach.

[audio:seagreen.mp3] [audio:letoidumoi.mp3] [audio:prelude.mp3]

hello waveforms | william orbit (2006)
an electronic plus ambient music that makes you feel like you’re diving into the ocean. just listen to sea green, my most favorite track in this album. this song is just incredible. hello waveforms is a must-have album.

quelqu’un m’a dit | carla bruni (2002)
this debut album from carla bruni is practically can be played anywhere. all songs are great, nice and warm. listen to this lovely track called le toi du moi. je suis la pluie et tu es mes gouttes, tu es le oui et moi le doute, t’es le bouquet je suis les fleurs, tu es l’aorte et moi le coeur, toi t’es l’instant moi le bonheur…. (i am the rain and you’re my drops. you are yes and i’m doubt. if you’re bouquet, i’m the flowers. you’re aorta, then i am the heart. if you’re the moment, i am the happiness.) it’s a song that will keep you smile all day long!

final fantasy pray | 植松 伸夫 (1994)
it does not matter if you’re final fantasy’s fans or not, you can enjoy the magical tunes from this vocal collection album, written by 植松伸夫 (uematsu nobuo) accompanied by the voice of 大木理紗 (oki risa). my most favorite tracks are prelude (the signature tune of final fantasy series) and 光の中へ (~hikari no naka e~, arranged version of “theme of love” from final fantasy iv).. the sequel album called “love will grow” is also a great album.

… next we got back to the resort, preparing ourselves for dinner party (another seafood buffet).
and that’d be all for the second day.

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