phobia 2

phobia 2

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fear can be addictive.
phobia 2 (a.k.a 5 แพร่ง) is a thai horror film consists of five short films by five directors. it is the sequel to phobia (4 แพร่ง) released last year in 2008. the theme follows the previous film, however this time there seems to be no relation of the characters in each short film.

the first one is called “novice”. a story of a boy who committed a crime, so his mother decides to put him in a monastery in hope to avoid being caught and sent to jail. the karma of his action is catching up with him quickly. will he be able to escape? ★★★★☆

“ward”, the second story focusing on a young man in hospital because of his motorcycles accident. he is staying in a room with a dying-old-man whose brain already stops responding. in the middle of the night, young man starts to feel like he is not really alone in this room. he can sense the presence of another person, and it creeps him out. ★★☆☆☆

the third one is called “backpackers”. two japanese teenagers, boy and girl decide to go hitchhiking around thailand (that’s a bit weird, in thailand?) they manage to get a ride on a truck heading to bangkok. then strange loud pounding noise arises from the trailer of the truck. what are they hiding in the back of the truck? the horrific truth is about to be revealed. ★★☆☆☆

“salvage” a car dealer earns her living by refurbishing used cars and sell them. but some of cars had terrifying accidents including being crashed and burned. several victims lost their lives in those cars. one night, she realizes that her son is missing. and she tries to find him and she faces the unexpected. ★★★☆☆

the last one, “in the end” happens in a shooting of a horror film called “alone 2” (แฝด 2) the sequel to “alone” (แฝด/twins). as they are finishing up with the last scene, one of the actresses passes out. she is immediately sent to the hospital and mysteriously dies. they must complete the film. will they be able to? ★★★★★

phobia 2 is highly recommended as one of the best films in 2009. each director has successfully managed to come up with believable concepts and executed them wisely. the sound effect and special effect are brilliant. phobia 2 definitely is not an ordinary horror film, it comes with unexpected twists, especially the last one which is my most favorite; the script is hilariously amusing and masha’s performance is awesomeness!

★★★★☆ acting
★★★★★ actors/casting
★★★★☆ story
★★★★★ music/sound effect
★★★★☆ direction/composition
★★★★☆ overall

movie: phobia 2 (5 แพร่ง) | director: paween purijitpanya, songyos sugmakanan, banjong pisanthanakun, parkpoom wongpoom, visute poolvoralaks | release: 2009

  • marsha pee


  • I watched this flick last night. Have to admit, it sucks! Sorry…

  • @deast
    movie is like music, it’s art and we all look at them from different perspectives. it’s just a matter of preference. if you like it, it’s good. if you don’t like it, it sucks. simple as that.

    btw, in the last story… everyone in the cinema at paragon suddenly gave a big applause including me. it was like awesomeness, never had something like this since… i don’t know, being julia or something. lol

  • i wanna watch it coz marsha & nicole but i can’t watch it coz i’m too fear to watch asian horror film… [roll]

  • ^
    too quick click… asian horror film for me is very haunting.

    glad to know that this film is quite good.

  • Mr.Watt

    Respect your view sir. I just felt that I did not see any new from this flick. The stories are quite simple. Esp. the last story I found that the four guys acted the same way they did on the previous one.

    However, I respected the first and third stories that gave us the reasons about dharma.

  • Marsha Scene Is Funny!

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