The new iPad

The new iPad

1920 1080 *PRADT

It’s been one month using the new iPad. Mostly I use it for reading e-books and PDF stuff, listening to music, surfing web from time to time. This thing makes me go back to read RSS feeds again. (Yes, I am too lazy to sit and read the feeds from computer screen, I prefer lying down and read while watching television series at the same time.)

64GB is quite okay for storing my selected playlist, some movies, scanned manga, e-books. (Although I would very much prefer 128GB version if possible)

The good:
The screen resolution is miraculous, reading text on it, is like reading on real printed paper.
The design is timeless.
It feels firmly solid, its materials make you believe that this thing is worth its price tag.
Fast CPU, noticeably a lot faster than my iPhone 4 on the same application.

The bad:
It’s still too heavy to hold with one hand, and use another hand to navigate.
Still no calculator as default application, why?
Applications which do not yet support retina display look pixelated. (And I removed them)

The unusual:
You will look ridiculous if you try to take photos with it.
Safari only displays at resolution 1024 x 768 pixels.