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OnCue is a music player on iOS to use as Music app substitute. However Oncue is unable to load DRM-protected iTunes songs and iTunes Match songs that haven’t been downloaded on the device, just like the rest of music players on iTunes App Store. What OnCue brings to the table is it can create smart queue on the fly.

Although Smart Queue is not quite deep as the one you can query on iTunes Smart Playlist. OnCue allows query from Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Rating, Duration, Last Played (iPod.iTunes), and Last Played (OnCue) with conditions. You can add several rules.

OnCue features queue list on lock screen, you can always see what is the next song to be played on the queue. Although you cannot press the song name on queue list to skip to the song you want immediately, you still have to use regular Music Control on lock screen to skip song one by one.

OnCue features Sleep Timer, in case anyone wants to listen to music during bedtime, OnCue will stop playing when the timer ends. One tiny feature but cool to have is Cross Fading which automatically cross fades volume at the end of each song automatically. You can specify the cross fading time up to 20 seconds, it also allows adjusting volume fading in percentage (Advance).

OnCue is one of the two iPad music players which support last.fm scrobbling. So if you have your account on last.fm, just enter your username and password and OnCue will start scrobbling music information from the song being played to last.fm automatically.

Tapping on currently playing queue will bring up full screen player. user can slide album cover on the bottom to the middle part where play button located, OnCue will switch to play that song instantly. However you can only slide to play the song next to the current song only. I hope in the next update user would be able to scroll through the list freely then tap to play.

If you tap Info button, it will bring up this screen showing lyrics from LyricsWiki (if available), it also can fetch artist information / similar artists from last.fm, and music videos from YouTube

OnCue is a universal application (Works on both iPad and iPhone), developed by Dan Pourhadi. OnCue is now selling at $2.99 on iTunes App Store.