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i wish you all a happy new year, though yesterday was not a very happy new years’ eve as everyone in thailand had expected since there were explosions here and there around bangkok. several major events had been canceled. many people got hurt, panic, devastated. the unfortunate ones even lost their lives… what exactly do they want? ruining other’s happy moments is such a pathetic, shameless act.

we must stand strong together like the daruma dolls.
i wish for peace and prosperity for people around the world.
and for you all who read this blog, even though we never meet, i love you too.

  • Happy new year 2007 to you all. Wish all best things and peaceful be with SIAM, the land of smile.

    Btw, I am very sorry with the one who has lost the lives or got injured.

  • Happy New Year 2007
    Wishing you succeed in all the things you plan to do krab.

  • Happy new year. May we Thai people have peace in mind and stay strong.

    Bad things would not stay long.

  • i wish you all a very very awesome new year.[razz]
    by the way, my countdown party at paragon was totally ruined by some sick freaking political arse. i wish thay all rotten in hell. [furious][furious]

  • 明けましておめでとうございます。


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