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from the creator of natsulion, twitter client for mac os x.
well, i’ve never tried natsulion because it requires os x 10.5 (leopard) i’m still on 10.4 (tiger) and don’t plan the upgrade anytime soon. i’m currently using tweetr, with instant snapshot and 10mb file upload.

natsuliphone is another native application “twitter” client for iphone. what it does is similar to twinkle but natsuiphone is simpler, cuter, lighter, and faster!

– works fast and smooth on edge
– light interface
– switchable between light/dark background
– no annoying popup asking to use location on iphone
– create/remove favorite tweets
– auto-refresh in time interval 1,2,3,5,10 minutes
– built-in web browser, with optional safari popup (if you like)

– no photo attachment
– no location service support
– no direct message view
– no public timeline view

right now natsuliphone cannot fetch “sent tweets” it returns “twitter responded 404” i guess it’s twitter bug. natsuiphone is the work of takuma mori (@takuma104) based on natsulion for os x by @akr with icon design by yuki (@epytwen) …natsuliphone has become my favorite twitter app to replace twinkle. and it’s free!


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