Want (Natalie Imbruglia)

Want (Natalie Imbruglia)

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i suppose you got what you want
take a good look at what you give up
because i’m telling you
a heart can’t be unbroken


Want | Natalie Imbruglia (2009) ★★★★☆
here it comes, “want” the first single taken from natalie imbruglia forthcoming album “come to life”. this is her 4th studio album. the single is scheduled for release on september 28, 2009. and the full album will be released one week after in the uk. the song sounds good already with up-beat rhythm and catchy chorus.

the song was written by natalie imbruglia herself in collaboration with kat kourtney, gary clark, and chris martin (yes, front guy of coldplay) “want” is one of the three songs on her new album co-written with chris martin.


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