Monster ClarityHD Speaker

Monster ClarityHD Speaker

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Bought this one months ago, it is a Bluetooth speaker from Monster. Sound quality is quite decent for its size. Well, I like its sound more than Jawbone Jambox. ClarityHD may not look great as Jambox (which was designed by Yves Behar) but for the price, I would say this speaker exceeds my expectation. Monster ClarityHD is selling at 55 – 60 USD (around 2,000 baht) from Amazon, and if you want to buy it here in Thailand, this thing costs like 4,200 baht.

Paring is a bit fuzzy at the first because ClarityHD unit does not feature a dedicated Bluetooth button. User has to press power button long enough until the LEDs start to blink then user can start paring the devices. The tiny problem is if the unit is already on, press and hold the power button will turn off the unit instead of starting the pairing mode. The good thing is once the devices are paired, it remembers.

The unit comes with built-in mic with noise cancellation and built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Battery can be charged via Micro-USB socket at the back. It also features 3.5 mm audio-in to use with non-Bluetooth devices. However, 3.5 mm cable is not included in the package, and I wonder why.

ClarityHD is light and small enough to carry around everywhere. It produces decent sound quality with quite-okay bass. It is also perfect for playing music in bathroom (Yes I did put it there)

Newer version of ClarityHD is called iClarityHD, as you would imagine it was created for iDevice. The only difference is they removed button for skipping track which was reported that it did not work with iDevice. But an updated iOS already is compatible with this skipping track button, so there is no reason to buy iClarityHD with less buttons.

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