Merry Christmas With Love (Clay Aiken)

Merry Christmas With Love (Clay Aiken)

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Merry Christmas With Love | Clay Aiken (2004) ★★★½☆
the american Idol runner-up clay aiken rejoices the spirit of christmas with love and his fantastic range of voice! find it, buy it, listen to the album, you won’t be disappointed. his voice is really cool, he can hit the high notes perfectly with strength, not just yelling or screaming.

he also chose to sing a tune originally from céline dion called “don’t save it all for christmas day” and he surprisingly can hold his breath for 15 seconds without losing the strength in his voice.

  • 15 seconds of pure voice! That’s amazing.

    Anyway, I think there would be no Christmas album that surpasses Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas. Don’t you agree? [itongue]

  • no chirstmas album comes close to Mariah’s though it’s been over a decade now, “All I Want For Christmas Is You ” is the greatest untraditional x’mas song ever. I am not much into clay aiken’s voice strength. the voice in his album earlier was so bad [furious] . i am a little stunt that Lord Wat rates this album with so many stars. may be i have to get this album to prove that i was wrong about clay. [itongue] [tongue]

  • i just change the soundclip to “don’t save it all for christmas day” [itongue]

    i think clay’s voice is really good for male singer. he can hit the high notes using only chestvoice. he is also featured in the special platinum edition of disney’s aladdin with brand new song called “proud of your boy” i love that song, it suits the feeling of the story just right. the songwriter also said that he wrote this song since the begining but he coudn’t find any voice that would deliver such great tune… until he found clay.

    and yea, his debut album is really bad, i barely can listen to it.

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