magazine for i

magazine for i

150 150 *PRADT

zinio brings us mobile newsstand.
just pop safari on your iphone and go to
a bunch of titles are avaiable to view for free includes; macworld, playboy, saveur, outside’s go, men’s health, popular machanics, viv, kiplinger’s, penthouse, technology review, american photo, car and driver, lonely planet, black enterprise, woman’s day, maxim, and nme!
p.s. please make sure than you’re on wifi connection. edge could take ages to complete loading.

  • avaiable to view only or we can d/l them to storage device

  • udomdog:
    iphone cannot save anything

  • กรี๊ด ดูฟรีจริงหรือนี่ มี penthouse ด้วย

  • So, I’m wondering. Is it worth for use iPhone in Thailand?
    Except for home or office wi-fi, have you try it on any hotspot?

    Right here (in London) it quite fast enough (edge) to use Maps with a reasonable price.

  • thank you [ismile]

    we can use to snap some pages for now

  • fatro:
    actually i want ipod touch but everyone said that the screen of iphone is superior and it also has built-in speaker. haven’t tried any hotspot, but edge in thailand is occasionally unstable. i still have unlimited egde packgage from my previous blackberry phone. maps and email over edge is quite fast, but web surfing is … well, i guess it’s problem of ais network. sometimes i got network error message when i was using blackberry though.

    so i believe it’s worth it to use iphone anywhere :D eventhough sms system on iphone is quite annoying sometimes when i cannot forward, or save draft of sms. and also unable to select url link or phone number from sms.

    yea but snap app can only capture the screen size of iphone, it’s not the real size of the image on the web. [cry] in my old blackberry i can pull up a menu and select save actual sized image into my device immediately.

  • yes too bad [badmood]

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