Longueur d′ondes (Natasha St-Pier)

Longueur d′ondes (Natasha St-Pier)

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Longueur d’ondes | Natasha St-Pier (2006) ★★★★☆
my favorite artist, natasha st-pier, just released new album called longueur d’ondes (wavelength). it seems that japanese has expanded their cultural boundary into the west wider and deeper lately. modonna used japanese word in her song “sorry”, hollywood just made the movie “memoirs of a geisha.” now, the opening song of natasha’s latest album filled with some japanese words in the begining. her music video also looked like she was walking in a japanese garden. :)

all 12 songs are really good. her voice is gentle and wonderful, especially “un ange frappe à ma porte”, longueur d’ondes, “j’oublie” and “à l’amour comme à la guerre” :)

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    เข้ามาฟังเพลง ยามค่ำ
    อยากได้อีกแล้ว ทำไงดี

  • เพลงประกอบ trailer เรื่อง ultraviolet ที่เจ๊ jovovich แสดง ก็เจ๋งมากนะ ไม่รู้ใช่ sarah mclachlan หรือเปล่า ไปทำ review มาด้วย [itongue]

  • fyi.
    first, the song in ultraviolet’s teaser isn’t sarah mclachlan’s.
    second, that song is called “24” by jem.
    third, it was released 2 years ago. :x

  • Este deico es muy bueno ademas de que contiene chidas rolas como la de Longueur D’Ondes y Un ange frappe a ma porte tambien de sus otros discos cmo el de É M E R G E N C E o A Chacun son histoire o Je n’ai que mon âme tambien el de español Encontraras o De l’amour le mieux L’Instant D’apres son la discografia mas chida no?

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