lie to me s2

lie to me s2

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Lie to me is an American television series focuses on Dr. Cal Lightman and his colleagues mainly to help solving federal and government’s unconventional cases. The story goes case-by-case, so there ain’t much of the continuing plot here. However the script is still brilliant, and it’s getting more intense and dramatic in each episode. I just do not feel the connection with any characters. As a matter of fact, Dr. Cal Lightman is weird. Now I don’t know if I want to see the next season or not.

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  • actually i followed this series on true vision but suddenly they drop it so i thought the series were suspended anyway i just saw its name on true magazine meaning i will follow it again.

    i like the way lead actor (tim roth) create his character. unique one.

  • @cotton Season 2 had mid-season break on December 2009 (episode 10) and it came back in July 2010 and ended in September with 22 episodes in total.

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