last supper battlestar

last supper battlestar

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il cenacolo (the last supper) is a 15th century mural painting in milan created by leonardo da vinci for his patron duke ludovico sforza and his duchess beatrice d’este. it represents the scene of the last supper from the final days of jesus as narrated in the gospel of john 13:21, when jesus announces that one of his twelve disciples would betray him. (wiki)

i’ve mentioned il cenacolo a couple of times. this is the latest rendition of the famous painting. it’s created to promote season 4 of battlestar galactica. the final revelation will begin airing on april 4th, 2008.

click on image to view larger version or click here to view an extra large version.
number six in the middle is stunning!

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  • hahaha i totally luv this! my fam is a huge fan of battlestar galactica… :) gotta show them this… hehe. [itongue]

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