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Latest addition to my photography section on my phone. From Stepcase, the creator of famous Phototreats. Introducing new way for photo labeling with Labelbox.

The application does exactly as its name, labeling your photo with eight stylish labels, each came with its own specific font. The interface is beautiful as always. It is very easy to use, just load photo from your library or take new one then tap a label you want and swipe your finger across a photo just like the way you do with real thing! If you want to remove a label, just touch and hold your finger for a moment and it will disappear.

Labelbox is free, you can get it from App Store. Currently they are running a campaign which will activate four additional types of cloth pack label (Fabric, Camouflage, Polka Dot, and Floral). All you have to do is follow the instruction on this page. Labelbox is a perfect companion of Phototreats!

Polka Dot is a bit difficult to read, but hey it’s super lovely. You cannot edit text after switching to another label or move label around once you finish typing, all you can do is remove it and make a new one. But I believe it makes sense just like a real label. It’s not like you can write a paragraph on it anyway.

If you use landscape photo, the app will rotate it to portrait position, which can be frustrated at first but the app will save the photo in original orientation. I don’t know if this possible but it would be great if they can force landscape mode keyboard to appear if landscape photo is loaded into the app because I always put a lock on phone orientation and it is weird to see keyboard not showing in the same orientation as the photo.