julie & julia

julie & julia

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ah, what could have been better than a film about food?
the film depicts events in life of julia child in her culinary career and julia powell who aspires to cook all 524 recipes from julia child’s “mastering the art of french cooking” within 365 days and write about it every single day in her blog, the julie/julia project. the script is based on two books, two true stories; “my life in france” by julia child with alex prud’homme published in 2006, and “julie & julia: 365 days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen” by julia powell published in 2005.

there are two separated stories in this film, one is julia child in france, and another is julia powell in usa. they both have no relation or whatsoever with each other. the film focuses on the similarities in the challenges faced by both julia & julia (which i doubt if they were all true). overall it is a blissful to watch although i am not fascinated by the lives of julie & julia. in my opinion, the movie is too long. 123 minutes seems to be too long for such comedy drama film, 90 minutes would be better.

★★★★☆ acting
★★★★☆ actors/casting
★★☆☆☆ story
★★★☆☆ music/sound effect
★★★★☆ direction/composition
★★★☆☆ overall

movie: julie & julia | director: nora ephron | release: 2009