journey continues

journey continues

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a mysterious magician disguised himself as a jester paid a visit to a secret chamber of trodain castle. he called himself “dhoulmagus” and he was after a magical sceptre sealed deep within the chamber.

king “trode” and his daughter princess “medea” caught dhoulmagus in the act, but those two were no match against the power of malicious jester who instantly put an evil curse upon everything in trodian castle.

fortunately, the king and princess were saved by the magic circle surrounded. however the curse transformed the king into some kind of hideous green-ish monster while princess medea was turned into a horse.

and “the journey of the cursed king” began.

after collecting informative resources and formed a party of four, for one reason, to destroy “dhoulmagus” and lift up the evil curse upon the king, princess and some of use could get revenge. i finally catched up with “dhoulmagus” and defeated him. but the curse did not wear off. that could mean only one thing, the person who placed the curse is still alive.

the truth reveals that the true power lies within the sceptre is lord of the darkness, “rhapthorne” who is believed to be defeated long long time ago by the seven sages. but in fact, his soul could not be destroyed, so all seven sages binded his soul into the sceptre and sealed it with their blood. now rhapthorne is taking control of the sceptre’s holder to find and kill “the chosen heirs” of seven sages. then he would return once again and lead the world into the darkness.

one by one, blood has been spilled on the sceptre.
the magical seal is losing its strength.
the final encouter draws near.
and my journey continues… :)

  • I haven’t started my “journey” yet. [duh]

  • บอสลับโหดสุดๆ ชอบยังกัสตอนเต้นอ่ะ ตลกดี

  • อยากรู้ว่า cor blimey! ที่ yangus ชอบใช้แล้วทำท่าประหลาด …ในภาคภาษาญี่ปุ่นของ dq8 มันใช้คำว่าอะไร? [shock]

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