i love you

i love you

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「i love you」 is probably one of the most famous japanese songs. this song was written and composed by 尾崎豊 (ozaki yutaka) one of the most iconic artists of japan. 「i love you」 is featured in his debut album titled 「十七歳の地図」 (juu nana sai no bhizu ~seventeen’s map) released in 1983. you can view his live performance of 「i love you」 taken from his birth tour in 1991 here. yataka ozaki passed away on april 25th, 1992, after having been found naked in a tokyo alleyway. the cause of death was reported as pulmonary edema…

中島美嘉 (nakashima mika) has recently made a cover version of 「i love you」 which is featured in two different versions. one was released as b-side track on 見えない星 single, another version called 「i love you -album ver.」 is included in her latest studio album, yes. you can get the video here (divx).

宇多田ヒカル (utada hikaru) also performed this song in her bohemian summer 2000, but she did not release it as studio version (since she is my favorite artist, i wish that she would!)

本田美奈子 (honda minako), a japanese pop-star/singer is another one who made a cover of the song 「i love you」. unfortunately… in 2005 she died at the age of 38 as a result of acute myelogenous leukemia. her version of 「i love you」 is included in her compilation album titled ‘i love you’ released in 2006.

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