Old Tyme Religion (Hugo)

Old Tyme Religion (Hugo)

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Old Tyme Religion | Hugo (2011) ★★★★★
Bought this album since January but I just recently got time to listen to the entire album. This album contains thirteen tracks including one Thai language song. With lead single Bread & Butter and a brilliant rendition of Jay-Z classic 99 Problems, already made people highly anticipate how great this album would be.

Old Tyme Religion is indeed one of the best albums I have heard in years, it is the mixture of pop, rock, country, and urban music with the right combination. The arrangement and recording quality is superb.

The album was supposed to release in U.S. and amazon on April 5, 2011. But it seems like there is a problem, it shows “Temporarily out of stock” with no album cover, as of April 7, 2011. Anyway, if you are using twitter, you can follow news and updates of Hugo at @hugoofficial.