HP and the Crappy Flash Drive

HP and the Crappy Flash Drive

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Yea, I just bought HP flash drive on last Thursday from bananaIT, not from the online shop but from one of their actual branches. Just because it looks so minimal unlike flash drives from other brands.

I only used it once to copy hundreds of files with total size around 2.5GB onto it. The process was fast. After a while it seemed to eject itself somehow because my computer no longer saw it. So I pulled it off and tried push it in again. My Mac said this USB device cannot be used and pulled up Disk Utility asking if I wanted to “Initialize” it. (Which literally means You must format it now)

I followed the instruction on screen and formatted the USB flash drive, the drive became accessible again. Then I had to start over by copying the same files onto it. This time when it passed 50% of the copying, it seemed to eject itself again with nothing or whatsoever came into contact with the machine nor within two meters radius!

And it just died completely.
My computer no longer detected the drive, the end.
Tested with other machines as well, none could see it.

So I made a call to bananaIT yesterday asking what to do with this broken flash drive, and they said I can get a replacement with a new one if it’s still within seven days after I purchased it.

When I arrived at the shop, their technician tested it and found it’s not working. Then they started to tell me that HP do not allow replacement at the shop, they have to get their technicians to perform test on their product so basically you have to send it over and wait patiently for two weeks!!!

I was like WTF, why wasn’t I informed this information BEFORE I bought it? Why didn’t they tell me on the phone? Shouldn’t there be an enormous banner across HP products section saying “THESE ITEMS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR 7-DAY IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT/EXCHANGE POLICY”?

I asked if I bought it then went home immediately and the thing was just out-of-the-box broken, can I get a replacement? The answer is NO, but you can test it at the shop to see if it’s working… I mean, Who on earth would try to copy 16GB of files on to the flash drive to test if every bit can be read and written?

What could HP technicians possibly do with a dead undetected flash drive? Cast a spell and resurrect it from the dead, perhaps? Stop wasting my time and your time. HP better go make some actual good quality products.

By the way, the flash drive becomes extremely hot when the computer is reading or writing on it, another design flaw besides its crappy quality. Never again I will buy anything from HP.


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