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hit record

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What does it mean, HIT RECORD? Different things… It can be a noun, a musical recording that sold a lot of copies. It can be a verb, to hit record, to start recording, to make a record, be it musical, visual, textual, or anything else. That moment when you hit the REC button, when the tape starts rolling, or the camera clicks, or even when somebody writes something down, it always makes my heart beat a bit harder.

Hit record. A complete sentence in the imperative tense, it’s something I’ve been telling myself a lot lately. So far, my life’s work has been to be recorded, but not to hit record. With this site, I hope to change that.

What do you suppose could change if we all started to HIT RECORD?
~Joseph Gordon-Levitt

stumbled upon hit record while i was searching for information on the lookout. hit record is the official site of joseph gordon-levitt filled with forum, videos, and journal. you’ll find the list of his records under table of contents. my favorites are hit record 1 and mahala.

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  • he’s really grown up comparing in “3rd rock from the sun”. [roll]

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